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                                    Why You Need An Android/Iphone Data Eraser 


As a mainstream smart devices on the market, Android/I PHONE phones or tablets keep renewing, it is also a great improvement in the functions and a great temptation to switch to the new generation. Then what will you do with your old device? How to deal with your privacy data on it? Resell your old phone or tablet in the Retail store? online store? Donate it? Or send it to your friend? Actually, no matter what is your final decision, something you should know:

  • Simple deletion or factory formatting cannot erase the data on your Android /I PHONE devices permanently, they can be restored by some special functional 3rd party applications or Data recovery.
  • To prevent your privacy data from leaking out without permission. So that these personal information will always be kept in a safe location and can not be recover.
  • So upgrade you smart phone with complete data erase so that your personal data are not recover.

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